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About Us

Premium Agrochemicals is one of the largest fertilizer blending companies in Nigeria. We provide farmers and growers with a wide range of high-performance plant nutrition solutions by tailor-made blended fertilizers.
Premium Agrochemicals is your one-stop shop for quality (N) Nitrogen, (P) Phosphorous, (K) Potassium and micronutrients fertilizer blends. We focus on specialized formulated products suiting the needs of both soil and crop.
We at Premium Agrochemicals believe in helping our farmers with access to relevant plant nutrition advice along with highest quality and competitively prices products. Responsible crop cultivation is our mantra and we believe in maintaining the soil integrity. 


      To become Africa’s leading Plant
      Nutrition Company


Help Farmers achieve maximum crop yield potential safeguarding the soil fertility for future generations

Premium Agrochemicals has a state-of-the-art fertilizer blending plant in Ojo, Lagos state, Nigeria with a capacity of 650,000. We have capability to produce slow Nitrogen release Urea by coating the product with inhibitors. The final NPK blend also can be coated with micronutrients enhancing the value proposition to farmer.
Premium Agrochemicals has been selected by the Nigerian Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) program as one of the blenders to blend quality fertilizer and supply to Nigerian farmers at affordable price.  


Premium Agro has a range of blended fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphate and potash (NPK) – the most essential plant nutrients which maximize crop yield

NPK 20-10-10

Fertilizers contains 20% Nitrogen ( N ), 10% Phosphorus ( P ) and 10% Potassium ( K ) and is the basic fertilizer used in Nigeria. The Government PFI program enables this fertilizer to be available widely at affordable price. The high nitrogen content aids plants in the growth phase.

NPK 15-15-15

Fertilizers contains 15% Nitrogen ( N ), 15% Phosphorus ( P ) and 15% Potassium ( K ) and is an economical multi-purpose product. This fertilizer is used both as preplant aid and applications to rice, ornamentals and vegetables. This product can be produced with additional nutrients as required by the soil and crop condition.

NPK 27-13-13

Fertilizers contains 27% Nitrogen ( N ), 13% Phosphorus ( P ) and 13% Potassium ( K ) and helps in the plant yield with its higher Nitrogen content. This is more commonly used in Nigeria for crops like maize and Sorghum. Additional micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, Sulphur etc can be provided.


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The work of our professionals enhances the life of farmers in Nigeria. We believe Nigeria is blessed with fertile land and it is our responsibility to enable and enhance the agricultural value chain.

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Advisory Board

Osho Akinbolawa Olugbenga

Osho Akinbolawa is a retired Director from the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja, FCT. Osho spent 30 years in the Federal Civil Service with more than 20 years in the Fertilizer Department

Prof. Musa Tukur Yakasai

Prof. Musa Tukur Yakasai is a professor of Agric Economics in Kano University of Science & Technology. He has several publications under his name and has held various eminent positions in the academic world.

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KM 17,
Lagos Badagary Express Way,
Ojo, Lagos State,


+234 8141338338